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Everything You Need to Know About Celebrity Surgery and Their Net Worth

Celebrity surgery

Plastic surgery is not only reserved for women. There are innovative methods that are available in the market for plastic surgery. People with skin burns or face disorder are often helped with this cosmetic surgery. This type of surgery reduces heavy scars and also reconstructs the face.

Plastic surgery is not only for the face; it includes the nose, eyes, and ears. It repairs the feature that has been lost. Various types of injections are used to plump up the lips and wrinkles. Plastic surgical operation is a big factor for the celebrities and individuals as well. Injuries caused by plastic surgery can be functional. Continue reading

The 8 Dominant Types of Beards and Moustaches

A beard is not simply a beard but something more. In today’s world of fashion and ever-changing fads, beards signify something that persists, there is this scent of an old-worldly charm in a cool beard.

Often, they are tell-tale signs that speaks volumes about a man’s personality. We examine the top five dominant types of beard and why beard oil for black man means much more than that.

1. The Wild Beards

Full thick bushy wild beard and mustache

This type is often seen during phases of stress and uncertainty. It is wild without compliance, he is unpredictable in his ways, he finds new ways of doing things and is comfortable as the person he happens to be or just in no mood for a shave. Continue reading

How I Transformed My Style in Just 3 Steps

Most of my life my wardrobe consisted of jeans, hoodies and my favorite band tees. A dress was unheard of, I didn’t do much with my hair (although I still don’t) and my makeup was done when I felt like it. I thought I was “happy enough” and always enjoyed kind of blending into my surroundings.

I secretly admired some of my more stylish friends and the classy yet edgy style so many of my celebrity girl crushes pulled off. I always kind of assumed it was ridiculous to get “dressed up” to hang around the house, go out to the store or visit a friend – after all who was I trying to impress? Continue reading

The Fascinating World Of Plastic Surgery

Looking good is no longer a choice but a necessity. Whether it is your job, business, love life or career, there is no doubt that today a lot of importance is being attached to the way you look.

There are many ways and means by which looks of a person can be enhanced and improved. Clothing can play a role and making changes to hair style could also be a way out. However, in this article, we will share some live experiences where plastic surgery has played a big role in changing the way some women look.

Though we will be sharing the experiences and surgeries conducted on celebrities, the same certainly holds true for ordinary people as well.

Lark Voorhies

Let us get started with Lark Voorhies. She is a respected name in her field and has had a lot of achievements and accomplishments to her credit. Continue reading

Erica Durance And Her Successful Plastic Surgery

Erica Durance is a celebrity within her own rights, as far as her acting career is concerned. Amongst other achievements, her role in the Smartville Series is something that still stands out.

Her acting career apart, what is now interesting in the way in which she has been able to change her looks and appearances. Though it is quite likely that she must have undergone quite a few surgeries, in this article, we will have a look, at a few significant ones.

Erica Durance
She has undergone a complete breast surgery and it has transformed the way her breasts look. She has very small breasts which was spoiling her overall looks. After the surgery, her breast sizes have increased, quite significantly. It looks much fuller and totally in proportion to her overall frame. Continue reading

Modern Natural Black Hairstyles

Hair; defined as thread like strands that grow from the skin, may seem like an unimportant business for a few, but to a number of individuals, the strands found especially on women’s heads speak volumes. Everyone has their opinion on the message different hairstyles can pass along.

Perhaps because everyone has a different view of the hairdos women (especially) spot. Truth is, the hair style one spots speak volumes. Of course there are bald individuals within the masses, but they too have weaves that when chosen well, can fit them perfectly. After all, there is always something for everyone.

Just like dresses, hair styles are on fashion too. With each day, new Modern Natural Black Hairstyles throng fashion magazines, TV commercials, fashion shows etc. Sometimes it even becomes a problem choosing the right one that suits an individual. This makes it important to know the varieties to make the right choice easier.

Here is a list of the trending black hairstyles:

Long curly hairstyle

Naturally curly hairstyle

Many people consider long hair sexy. With the long locks, hair will definitely look stylish on any black lady, giving her a natural appearance suitable for plenty of occasions. Reference:

Black steel – Women with tough hair love this style because it appears as though light is traveling through a majestic black forest. The hairstyle is a perfect fit for a black woman in her natural existence. Continue reading

John Kerry’s Efforts in Afghanistan Yet to Bear Fruits

John Kerry

The mention of his name invokes a picture of a strong critic of George Bush’s invasion of Iraq. At a time when most Americans felt their troops had justification to be in Iraqi land, Mr. Kerry felt different, and with reasons.

The irony though is that he had earlier on approved of the same and had even advised Bush to use the arsenal he could muster do disarm Saddam Hussein. When it later turned up that there were no weapons of mass destruction, he must have been a little bit disappointed, perhaps leading to his strong criticism of Bush over Iraqi invasion. Continue reading

Best Budget Exercise Bikes in the Market to Buy

The market is full of several types of exercise bikes which offer different level of resistance and comfort settings. To get the best budget exercise bikes in the market, you need to familiarize and understand the best varieties to buy. The following information will guide you in making the right choice and to get a bike that is worth your money.


Upright bikes are by far the most common and popular home use models. They come in a number of price ranges making them the perfect gym machines for users who follow restricted budget. Modern upright bikes have embraced the use of ergonomics thus enabling pain-free workout sessions.

Most of these bikes feature display screens to assist you in keeping track record of important data such as calories burned, distance covered and time. A great example of this model is Exerpeutic folding magnetic upright bike with pulse. Continue reading

Perfect Breast Implants – Possible?

Perfect Breast ImplantsGood figures are some of the things that everybody want to get associated to, especially the ladies. While there are some people who are naturally born with good figures, there are those whose figures are just un-appealing. For such individuals to look good, they must take it upon themselves to find a way of enhancing their figures.

For one to have a good figure, the fundamental body parts must look good and even. There are a number of celebrities who have been through plastic surgery but have chosen to keep it from the public.

Hiding a figure enhancement from the public is however very challenging. This is due to the fact that these surgeries often target a particular place and does not interfere with an individual’s entire anatomy. The change is therefore rather conspicuous and can easily be noticed. Continue reading

Hitting the Weight Loss Plateau

Weight Loss RulesMany people have had to grapple with the weight loss plateau challenge. After choosing to eat healthy and engaging in frequent exercises, you may just be dismayed to note that after a while, you do not lose weight as you may wish for. When you start a concerted weight loss venture, you are bound to notice a rapid decline in your kilos for some weeks. Then the dreaded part results: however much you keep to healthy dieting and frequent exercise activities, you may lose very little or even nothing at all.

Initially, when you reduce the calories you take, the body gets is supply of energy from the glycogen stored in the muscles. Since the composition of glycogen includes water, much of the weight you lose in these circumstances is water weight. Continue reading