Erica Durance And Her Successful Plastic Surgery

Erica Durance is a celebrity within her own rights, as far as her acting career is concerned. Amongst other achievements, her role in the Smartville Series is something that still stands out.

Her acting career apart, what is now interesting in the way in which she has been able to change her looks and appearances. Though it is quite likely that she must have undergone quite a few surgeries, in this article, we will have a look, at a few significant ones.

Erica Durance
She has undergone a complete breast surgery and it has transformed the way her breasts look. She has very small breasts which was spoiling her overall looks. After the surgery, her breast sizes have increased, quite significantly. It looks much fuller and totally in proportion to her overall frame.

Apart from breast surgery, she also has undergone a total rhinoplasty procedure and there is a new look to her nose. Coupled with her breast implants, both these surgeries have indeed worked very well one her.

Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson is a super model who has set many a hearts on fire with her modeling career. She was one of the most beautiful models of her times and has achieved quite a bit in her career. Amongst the various procedures which she must have gone through, worth mentioning are her nose surgery, breast implants and a total course on botox.

The rhinoplasty that she has undergone has played a big role in redefining her nose, when compared to her face. In the same light, the new shape to the breasts that she has got perfectly matches with her overall frame and the botox injections have made her face young and lively, to say the least. She has also undergone a full-fledged course on lip injections and it has certainly added a lot of lusciousness to her lips. They look very gorgeous and sexy.

There is no doubt that these surgeries are now becoming commonplace not only for celebrities but also for others who would like to give a new look to their personality. While there is nothing wrong about such procedures, you should ensure that you choose the right surgeon and the right facilities.

You should investigate the matter fully and only then get into it rather than jumping into it based on opinions and hearsay alone. A well thought out laser surgery procedure can go a long way in redefining looks and appearances.