John Kerry’s Efforts in Afghanistan Yet to Bear Fruits

John Kerry

The mention of his name invokes a picture of a strong critic of George Bush’s invasion of Iraq. At a time when most Americans felt their troops had justification to be in Iraqi land, Mr. Kerry felt different, and with reasons.

The irony though is that he had earlier on approved of the same and had even advised Bush to use the arsenal he could muster do disarm Saddam Hussein. When it later turned up that there were no weapons of mass destruction, he must have been a little bit disappointed, perhaps leading to his strong criticism of Bush over Iraqi invasion.

Mr. Kerry was born in 1943 in Aurora Colorado to Rosemary Isabel Forbes and Richard John Kerry senior. His other siblings are Margaret (41), Diana (47) and Cameron (50). They were raised in the Catholic faith despite their mother being an Episcopalian. In fact, John Kerry was an alter-boy.

He grew up with the love of the military since his dad worked at the Army Air Corps. When Kerry senior was discharged from this duty, the family moved to Washington DC where dad got a job at the Department of Navy Office to become a diplomat in the State Department of United Nations affairs. He grew up in a high class family and had his boarding fee paid for by the maternal aunt.

Kerry went to Yale University to study political science. In 1966, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He was also an avid soccer, lacrosse and hockey player. Apart from these games, he took flying lessons.

John Kerry’s ambition as a politician began in his sophomore year. He was the chairman of the Liberal Party during the elections of union officials for Yale Political Union. One year later, he was the president.

After serving as president of the union, he developed interest in civil rights movements. This opened other avenues for him including being a member of the Skull and Bones Society. His passion for politics became very evident when he won several debates against college students from other institutions.

He enlisted in the Naval Reserve and was one of the soldiers who fought during the Vietnam War. He has received a number of Purple Hearts for wounds obtained during service to his country. There are records of his bravery during the Vietnam War which made him receive a number of medals. He rescued a number of his colleagues during the operation and many are grateful for this.

Kerry is in the history books as having tried his luck on the presidential bid. His opponent was George W. Bush Jr. Most of the servicemen during the war days leveled false allegations against him, leading to his defeat by a whisker.

Later on, some of them admitted that the reports they gave about John Kerry were false. He is currently serving as the 68th US Secretary of State after the retirement of Hillary Rodham Clinton. He is currently a strong envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan. He is discussing the peace process with the Taliban and his efforts are yet to bear fruits.

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