How I Transformed My Style in Just 3 Steps

Most of my life my wardrobe consisted of jeans, hoodies and my favorite band tees. A dress was unheard of, I didn’t do much with my hair (although I still don’t) and my makeup was done when I felt like it. I thought I was “happy enough” and always enjoyed kind of blending into my surroundings.

I secretly admired some of my more stylish friends and the classy yet edgy style so many of my celebrity girl crushes pulled off. I always kind of assumed it was ridiculous to get “dressed up” to hang around the house, go out to the store or visit a friend – after all who was I trying to impress?

Not until I was about 22 years old did I realize that it wasn’t anyone else I needed to impress, it was myself. I was so set in my ways though, how was I going to go from the frumpy hoodie wearing chick to the well groomed chic woman that I wanted to be?

I was definitely nervous about the comments I would get from the people that saw me every day. For some reason in our society when someone tries to do something better for themselves they are deemed a “sell out” or ridiculed for changing. This is often the reason so many of us never upgrade from our high school style to the more chic adult version of ourselves.

Let me start by saying this, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH CHANGING UP YOUR STYLE AND TRYING SOMETHING NEW! You would be amazed by how much better you day can be when you just feel good about how you look. You don’t need to be any special size, be uncomfortable or spent tons of money to feel good about yourself.

The easiest way to start transforming your style is to keep your jeans and switch out your hoodie for a blouse. There are so many fun tops you can pair with your jeans to create a fun, stylish and comfortable look. If you really want to have fun go out and get yourself a pair of colored denim jeans!

Cotton Blouse Outfit with Jeans

The next thing you can do is accessorize! This is by far one of my favorite parts of fashion. I am a huge fan of statement pieces, so to add a great statement necklace to a casual look with proper hairstyle really elevates the look but allows me to keep my look simple but chic.

If you feel like you are stuck in a style rut I challenge you to take one day a week to switch out the clothes you wear every day for something new. Take an extra 5 minutes to pick out a new top and pair some great earrings, a necklace or a great lip color with it. I promise you that taking the time to be the woman you truly want to be will be so worth any anxiety you might feel about it.