The 8 Dominant Types of Beards and Moustaches

A beard is not simply a beard but something more. In today’s world of fashion and ever-changing fads, beards signify something that persists, there is this scent of an old-worldly charm in a cool beard.

Often, they are tell-tale signs that speaks volumes about a man’s personality. We examine the top five dominant types of beard and why beard oil for black man means much more than that.

1. The Wild Beards

Full thick bushy wild beard and mustache

This type is often seen during phases of stress and uncertainty. It is wild without compliance, he is unpredictable in his ways, he finds new ways of doing things and is comfortable as the person he happens to be or just in no mood for a shave.

2. The Beard of the Gentleman

Bearded Gentlemen

This beard is flaunted frequently by men who are comparatively older. It signifies a kind of meticulousness and maturity associated with some of the more intelligent men of our species. Yes, it is strict both in the aura it generates and the kind of care needed to maintain it.

3. The Flirting with Beards Beard

Dennis in Goatee Beard Style

The goatee trimmed to perfection is past its prime in terms of fads but if you are too scared for something that needs more commitment, it is the choice for you. These types are not afraid to experiment and add that little bit of masculinity necessary to pack a punch. Most of the black men prefer this beard styles. See more black mean with beards here.

4. The One That Requires Care – The Chinstrap

Lewis Hamilton - Chinstrap Beard

This one is for who have adequate time to groom themselves, day after day. It needs to be perfectly trimmed in order to get just that correct look. But he is a stud for whom only the best of beardy perfection will do. However, as noted earlier the mirror time is considerable.

5. The Hip Moustache

Moustache Styles

The moustache that you would usually associate with the onset of adolescence is the type that the kool guys adorn. He is fun and you know it and seriousness is a concept alien to him. It represents a kind of confidence that only the guys riding the indie wave would exude.

6. A Creative Chap Going Through a Soul Patch

Soul Patch

Rebellion and convention go hand in hand with this particular look. It is for creative men who cannot commit themselves fully to one of the more elaborate beards but nevertheless are going through a soul patch of rebellion. He is not afraid of raising eyebrows or evoking laughter but has his own way of doing things.

7. The Famed Stubble

Stubble beard

Yes, it is scruffy and exudes unadulterated machismo preferred by hot males the world over. It is aggressive. He knows he is hot but bothers about such matters the least. It is unkempt and takes precious time to lend the feel just necessary.

8. I am in a Mess and Loving It

Messy beard

An excuse for all round laziness, this stubble is for those who just could not care less about the stubble they have. He is perhaps yet to acquainted with the formal rituals of men’s facial grooming and loves each and every moment of it.

These are just some of the beards sported by men and bards or would be bards. Nevertheless, they make a pretty elaborate affair of their facial identity.